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literary_lib's Journal

The Library of Incredible Books
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Book recommendations of incredible books.
The Library of Incredible Books is a sort of book club where we share recommendations of amazing books that we've read and our opinions of them. This is not a community for telling us about the most recent book you've read--it's a community for telling us about the most recent book you've read that made you weep; or the book that kept you up all night to find out what happened next; or the book that had you giggling constantly; or that book you read when you were sixteen that changed your life.

The Library is an archive of exceptional books, the ones that we've read over and over until their spines are worn. If you're just looking for a recommendation of a book to read, dive right in, you can find a collection of the books that changed our lives. If you've just read a book and you think everyone needs to hear about it, please share! The Library welcomes absolutely anyone, as long as you like a good book.

Library Etiquette
Each book will have its own post, with a neutral blurb taken either from the book's cover or an online site (such as Amazon.com), and the poster's own review of why this book is incredible. The comments are open to discussion from anyone! Tell us what you thought.
Post format guidelines can be found here.

All members are expected to utilize proper spelling and grammar when posting or commenting. We are a literary site, you are expected to be literate. Politeness is always appreciated.

The Library Archive
All of the books recommended in the library are archived in the memories. Please check here before making a new post, to see if the book has already been recommended.

Your head librarian is stardustenigma. Any questions can be emailed to nkagerou@gmail.com.